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XPLED 5.0 : Bi-LED Dual Laser projectors

XPLED 5.0 : Bi-LED Dual Laser projectors


Design : XPLED 5.0 is the ultimate addition to any car enthusiast's ride. This Bi-LED Dual Laser projector offers superior brightness and clarity, with a sleek, modern and well engineered design. The XPLED 5.0 is the fifth generation of XP flaghip XPLED product line, featuring improved drivers and a more wider metal bowl. The dual lasers further add upto 250+ mtrs of range, a cool 40% jump from last XPLED versions.


Performance : Many enthusiasts will argue that LED projector can never be as good as a Bixenon projector. But we beg to differ, XPLED 5.0 is on par with the best performing Bixenon projectors out there. The highbeam is superior, the lowbeam is even wider and the color is phenomenal. Right out of the box, XPLED 5.0 can pump out some serious beam onto the road. The claimed lumen count of 3900+ is enough to light up the road even on darkest of dark highways. The addition of Nichia sourced 70W high power LED chip further boost the overall performance, keeping high expectations fulfilled. A pure white 5900k output color is icing on the cake.


Build : XPLED 5.0 is built like a tank. Its all metal keeping heat sink mechanism and LED drivers safe. Solenoid for shield mechanism is revised and now has even quicker movement. The addition of variable speed fan further boosts life of LED chips keeping them cool according to temperatures inside headlight.


Compatibility : Having a unique design, XPLED 5.0 is easy to retrofit into headlights, especially H4 and H7 based headlights. It's compact size makes installation easier for any retrofitter or DIYer.


Trusted : XenonPlanet has been offering aftermarket projector systems and various other automotive lighting upgrades from a number of years and gained trust from professional retrofitters in India. We ensure to provide best lighting experience to our customers. Our products are manufactured following strict guidelines and undergoes complete quality checks, which make sure our customers get the best of the lot.


Warranty : We provide full 3 years warranty which covers all type of manufacturing defects and faults and failure occurred due to same. XPLED 5.0 also has 3 years warranty on output as well as color reproduction on road.*




*Conditions apply

  • Warranty will void

    -If there is water damage
    -If there is any physical damage to product
    -If damage occured due to wrong installation
    -If product is tampered

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