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XP-Micro v2 : 55W Kit

(SKU ID: HY93B2ED146 )

Rs. 12,000


Warranty:2 years
Type:Foglight Bixenon (HID base projector)

Let us know if you need 2.5inch variant. Else 3inch model is shipped by default.

Design : Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and Bixenon, XP Micro has everything. Raising retrofit bar even higher, Micro is a foglight oriented Bixenon projector with a well painted and anti-rust coated metal body. Micro supports H11 HID bulb and is fully compatible with even 55w HID systems, thanks to its sturdy metal built.

Performance : Micro V2 has one of the most capable output among all foglight options.  A flat cutoff for lowbeam and high-rise table top highbeam ensures you get more than just foglights. Furthermore, XP Micro v2 has been re-designed for a streak free strong and concentrated beam, which can cover distance better than any other foglight projector in market. Our offering will never let you down, no matter if its a curvy road you driving on or straight highway you blasting through. Sharp cutoff also ensures no light bounce back to you while driving in fog. 

Build : XP Micro v2 is full metal built projector which can even support 55w HID systems with ease. Internal reflector and solenoid mechanism is sturdier and ensures uninterrupted performance for years.

Compatibility : Comes with compatible mouting brackets and screws, which will help in doing a clean and east install. Though, minor mod might be needed for some cars.

Trusted : XenonPlanet has been offering aftermarket projector systems and various other automotive lighting upgrades from a number of years and gained trust from professional retrofitters in India. We ensure to provide best lighting experience to our customers. Our products are manufactured following standard guidelines and undergo strict quality checks which make sure our customers get the best of the lot.


Warranty : We provide full 2 years warranty which covers all type of manufacturing defects and faults*


*Conditions apply