XP Micro V2 foglight bixenon projector
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XP Micro V2 foglight bixenon projector

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Presenting the all new XP MICRO v2 foglight bixenon projector. First of its kind ! XP Micro v2 has been upgraded and now have better illumination at the edges. What that means is that now the coverage at the corners is better and output is much wider. Micro v2 is also available with LED bulbs, which adds few more extra bits, like lesser power consuption, more accurate colors, instant startup and even longer life span. Micro v2 now also easier to install. Just plug it and run it.
Micro v2 has a completely sealed metal body, which makes it waterproof, dustproof and shock proof. To further strengthen the reliability aspect, we have introduced OEM push type solenoid shutter which is three times more efficient and reliable than any other aftermarket projector’s shutter. Even the optional LED bulbs provided with Micro V2 is completely waterproof. Fuss free performance is guaranteed.
XP Micro v2 has now even wider low beam with straight and more prominent cutoff. Also have an optional high rise table top highbeam, making it one of the most capable and versatile projector for both foglight and highbeam use. XP Micro comes with a properly tuned semi-clear lens, which not only provide a very bright and wide beam but also keep XP Micros v2 fully immune to all kinds of chipping occurred due to rogue stones which come flying during those highway drives. No matter where you mount these, Micro v2 will surely outshine any kind of stock headlight or foglights with ease.
Each XP Micro v2 foglight projector goes through our strict quality check and is further hand tuned by us for that crisp and streak free output. We never cut corners in providing you the best.
BUY ORIGINAL : Don’t get carried away by tall claims made by various retrofitters and other sources. We at XenonPlanet knows what a real projector is all about. Don’t go for fakes, get the genuine if you want genuine performance. Always remember that all that glitters is not gold. Buy good quality, be safe.

Warranty: 2 years

HID kit
Bulb Type H11 LED bulb
Lens Diameter 3inch
Dimensions Max Depth: 138mm/ Max Width: 114mm/Max hieght from side:68mm
Cut-off pattern Flat/Straight

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