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XP - Highbeam Laser Projector (Pair)

(SKU ID: Laserhigh )

Rs. 12,500


(2 piece)
Warranty:3 years
Type:LED base (single beam)

Please mention what shroud you need with the kit. Please visit our Projector Shroud listing and mention the name of needed shroud below.

Design : Small yet effective. XP HIGH-BEAM LASER projector is our new offering. Size is smallest, with metal heat sink and no cooling fan design. Its light and easy to mount, thanks to H4 and H7 compatible design, its drop in on most of the high beam reflectors. A great choice to add to your quad setups or headlights where you find high-beam range lacking. 

Performance : Fresh design, fresh optics. A LED base projector that shoots such a strong beam that it earned itself the tag 'Laser'. A claimed range of 280 meters is enough to satisfy even the purists. High beam pattern is OEM thus provide maximum coverage.

Build : Plastic lens holder and aluminium body construction keeps overall weight down so that you can mount these onto small high-beam reflectors with ease. 

Compatibility : Having a 'plug n play' design, its easy to fit on H4 and H7 headlights. It's ultra compact size makes installation easier for any retro-fitter or DIYer.

Trusted : XenonPlanet has been offering aftermarket projector systems and various other automotive lighting upgrades from a number of years and gained trust from professional retro-fitters in India. We ensure to provide best lighting experience to our customers . Our products are manufactured following standard guidelines and undergo strict quality checks which make sure our customers get the best of the lot.

What you get in the kit : 2 x XP Highbeam projector


Warranty : We provide full 3 years warranty which covers all type of manufacturing defects and faults*


*Conditions apply