Mini D2s 4.0 Square (Pair)
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Mini D2s 4.0 Square (Pair)

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Presenting the latest and revised MINI D2s 4.0 with square clear lens. A full metal projector with improved highbeam and a cutoff color flicker to die for. A projector which brings the best of OEM and aftermarket together. A Hella G5 inspired OEM reflector bowl and solenoid mechanisam with clear lens advantage and plug and play nature. All this right out of the box.
Don't confuse's Mini D2s 4.0 square to the Mini D2s available elsewhere. Our is of latest gen and has all the improvements and much needed output tweaks over all the previous generations of Mini D2s. Mini D2s 4.0 square has a proper full metal construction with a 3 inch full size lens as opposed to the aluminum construction and 2.5 inch lens of regular Mini D2s. Mini D2s 4.0 square has well calibrated optics which are further enhaned by our CPC clear lens. Result is a supremely well tuned high-beam with a good low beam spread and a supremely clean cutoff. Our Mini D2s 4.0 is ideal choice for those who swear by OEM bulbs.
Mini D2s 4.0 square comes with adapters to help you fit them easily in H4 based headlights. There is no requirement for any modification of the headlight to fit a Mini D2s 4.0 square, still you get a performance to shame the full size OEM Bixenon Projectors. Furthermore, a full metal construction makes Mini D2s 4.0 square safe with even 55w.

Warranty: 2 year

Each projector is tested for any defects and then sold out. So be assured of getting perfectly sound product..

Bulb D2s HID bulb
Compatibility Applications: Universal Direct Fitment: H4, H7 Headlights Modifications Required: H1,H11,H13,9005,9006, 9007 housings
Dimensions Max Depth: 145mm/ Max Width: 100mm/ Max Height: 95mm
Cut-off pattern RHD (right hand side)

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