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Kioto Q5 (R) : 55W Kit


Rs. 17,500


Warranty:2 years
Type:Bixenon (HID base projector)

Please mention what shroud you need with the kit. Please visit our Projector Shroud listing and mention the name of needed shroud below.

Design : If there is any name which almost everyone is familiar with, then thats definitely Kioto Q5. A classic projector designed on the lines of original Japan origin Kioto OEM projector. We have retained same design but added few extras to make it even more capable on road, that too at an accessible price. There are many Kiotos available in market but almost all suffer from bad hotspot or patchy output. What we have here is a revised (R) version that keeps the drawbacks in check and provides the best performance each and every time.

Performance : Kioto Q5 (R) has one of the strongest and concentrated high-beams, which can cover distance better than any other projector in market. XenonPlanet's further has design changes to add more width to low-beam adding up to better coverage of roads along edges.

Build : Kioto Q5 (R) is full metal built projector which can even support 55w HID systems with ease. Internal reflector and solenoid mechanism is OEM grade and ensures uninterrupted performance for years.

Compatibility : Having a 'plug n play' design, Kioto Q5 (R) is easy to fit on H4 and H7 headlights. It's compact size makes installation easier for any retro-fitter or DIYer.

Trusted : XenonPlanet has been offering aftermarket projector systems and various other automotive lighting upgrades from a number of years and gained trust from professional retro-fitters in India. We ensure to provide best lighting experience to our customers . Our products are manufactured following standard guidelines and undergo strict quality checks which make sure our customers get the best of the lot.

What you get in the kit : 2 x Kioto Q5 (R) bi-xenon projectors, 2 x metal base HID bulbs, 2 x XP55 55w quick start HID ballasts, 2 x compatible shrouds and 1 x waterproof wiring harness.


Warranty : We provide full 2 years warranty which covers all type of manufacturing defects and faults*


*Conditions apply