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E46-R (Pair)

(SKU ID: E46r )

Rs. 1,400


(2 piece)

Design : BMW inspired, E46-R shrouds are one of the oldest design shrouds available in market. Its has compact design yet can cover up full sized projectors with ease. Excellent for small headlights or if you're upto a quad projector setup. E46-R has 100% OEM design with subtle looks. Its clean and classy.

Quality: Even though there are many alternatives options where the same shroud seem available for lesser price, don't make the mistake of thinking all shrouds are created equal. XenonPlanet shrouds are made from the highest quality plastic with equally well made chrome finish which is durable, as well as, sturdy enough to take on 35w as well as 55w setups. The cheap options available elsewhere are known to get damaged even with 35 W HID setups and loses its chrome finish within few weeks on mere exposure to under direct sunlight. Temp inside headlights can go to extreme levels even when your car is parked in direct sunlight for few hours. So buy the best quality shroud from India's best headlight retrofit source, XenonPlanet.

Compatibility : These shrouds can take all the projectors we sell or ones with 3 inch lens. Though it is recommended to use some kind of adhesive or m-seal while fixing these onto your projectors. This will ensure that your shrouds never come loose and you never have to go through the trouble of opening the headlight again, just to re-fix a shroud back. 

LED ring add on : E46-R can take only 80mm LED ring on front. 

Warranty : 3 years 
(Physical damages occurred during or after installation are not covered)