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(SKU ID: MS988 )

Rs. 18,000


Warranty:2 years

Design : Using famous Mini H1 design, we have rolled out Mini Super v3, which has 'plug n play' compatibility for H4 and H7 base headlights. Bowl is deeper for wider lowbeam without compromising on highbeam range down the road. Plunger base shield mechanism has been improved, which means no more shield sticking issues. Furthermore, it has a clear lens that ensures an intense uninterrupted beam, with a super sharp cutoff.


Performance : Mini Super v3 has a well balanced output. A wide, fuller lowbeam and a well concentrated highbeam makes Mini Super v3 most sought out Bixenon projector. Version 3 further has design changes to add more light over edges, aiding better coverage over corners.


Build : Mini Super v3 is full metal built projector which can even support 55w HID systems with ease. Internal reflector and solenoid mechanism hence stays much cooler and ensures uninterrupted performance for years. 


Compatibility : Having a 'plug n play' design, Mini Super v3 is easy to fit on H4 and H7 headlights. It's compact size makes installation easier for any retrofitter or DIYer.


Trusted : XenonPlanet has been offering aftermarket projector systems and various other automotive lighting upgrades from a number of years and gained trust from professional retrofitters in India. We ensure to provide best lighting experience to our customers . Our products are manufactured following standard guidelines and undergo strict quality checks which make sure our customers get the best of the lot.


Warranty : We provide full 2 years warranty which covers all type of manufacturing defects and faults*




*Conditions apply